E.D.S. - European Distribution Solutions

Improve your shipments with lower costs!

You can enjoy our huge purchase volume with our transporters to lower your bill. You benefit our strategy which is strong with our 20 years of experience in industry to maximize services.

EDS exist to lower your transportation costs, but with better service.

Lower you transport budget!

We guarantee savings on your expedition’s budget!

It’s easy! Our purchase volume and 20 years experience with transporters enable us to have the best prices on the market. With EDS, you can be sure you have better rates than trying to find transporters by yourself.

Your new rates are simple and clear, all year long. That gives you a real better view of your transportation budget. With EDS, there will not be any upward fluctuations during the year!

All types of transport

We know how to adapt to your requirements and constraints

We only propose individual solutions adapted to your requirements. Intelligent solutions, and solutions that 100% works!

We manage all your different products/clients constraints. We do offer B2B and B2C services, as courier services, express services, chartering services

For B2C : ‘’We provide an assured 97% of good first delivery when you join’’

We have 20 years of established relationship with loyalty transporters. When having a relation with EDS, you will not have any disappointment and fears.

Packages of all sizes and weights

No big deal!

In the logistic world, packages must be standardized. However, we are able to offer tailor-made/custom-made services for customers who need it. We do deliver packages of all sizes and weight!

A multilingual customer service

German, French, English, Italian, Spanish

Our staff have a perfect ability to speak multiple foreign languages (german, French, English, Italian, Spanish). We make a link between you and you final delivered client. That means we make you save time by answering directly all your recipient’s questions about transportation and avoid your company to hire multilingual employees.

You only have one interlocutor. Our interlocutor knows you, your company, your market and your clients. He will help and follow you throughout our partnership.

Integrated and optimized business process

A perfect knowledge of the requirements of each country we transport in

We manage for you all the administrative formalities in each country (customs, formalities, etc…)

We have IT tools to make administrative procedures easier with our different transporters.

You have a single customer account, whatever your country of dispatch, your different companies and subsidiaries. You can then have a global vision of your distribution.

Farewell to administrative burden and bureaucracy!

A great flexibility for the recipient

You can modify the destination address just by clicking once

We have IT tools that allow your recipient client with 1 one click to change the destination address (address or package pick up point), and moreover at the last moment. We offer a total flexibility to bring greater customer satisfaction.

Naturally, classic features are available (Package tracking, etc…)

Continuous innovation and strategy!

More and more services

We are constantly on the lookout for new techniques and strategies to optimize your transport, goods distribution and to offer you new services.

Our experience, knowledge of the transportation and logistic world and our European and International transporters network are our forces.

With EDS, you get continuous innovations and new services!

We’re specialised in Europe, North America and Africa

A business open to the world

Flows from and to Germany represent a huge part of our annual shipping volume. With 4 locations (Berlin, Munich, Koln, Frankfurt) and 20 years of experience, we’re a key player to ensure the best prices and services.

We manage a huge amount of shipments to and from France, Italy, Africa via Cameroon and North America with our subsidiary in Montreal, Canada.

However, we do not have any geographical limits and can ship every of your product to all countries.

A service provider that takes responsibilities!

Better than a transportation broker.

We are transport commissionaire (or freight forwarder). That means we are contractually committed to you and take full responsibility for your shipments on our own behalf! As a comparison, a transport broker is only an intermediate which just give you a contact of a transporter. He doesn’t take any responsibilities about the shipment of your goods and doesn’t legally commit on shipments of your goods.

We commit ourselves and take the responsibility for your transport.

A question? Please call +33 388 032 186 !

Let’s have an appointment!

We don’t disclose on internet all the advantages you can have by working with EDS, justified on competition grounds.

Nevertheless, we would be thrilled to present you our innovative and personalized solution with at an upcoming appointment.

Please let us your coordinates and we will call you back!

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