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EDS European distribution solutions

Our solutions

Transport and distribution

A. Transporting your good to the departure point, meaning transport to the country concerned. We can deal with several transport requests simultaneously enabling us to offer you very low prices. We can load your parcels and/or pallets in the same truck.

B. Distribution in the target country/selection of haulier with the customer to provide the desired service: express parcels, conventional distribution, chartering, etc. At this level, we are in the best position to negotiate the best rate.

C. "Door to door" transport or a turnkey solution, a combination of solutions A+B.

EDS European distribution solutions

Communication and marketing

A. On-going consultation : after your distribution project has been set up, E.D.S. will check and oversee the smooth running of your deliveries from A to Z, as well as provide after-sales service. We will assist you in important negotiations with hauliers because we work closely with your subsidiary.

In a word: we are your preferred single point of contact!

B. Support for your B2C project in France : we help you develop your B2C sales by carrying out market surveys, designing marketing solutions and, finally, by finding the best suited transportation service (B2S, Business to Shop is currently growing very strongly in France).